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Comprehensive Eye Tests

A full comprehensive eye examination entails of vision tests, refractions, ocular health assessments, which includes recorded digital imaging (Fundus photos) of the anatomic structures of the eye and interocular pressure measurements.

Lens Fittings & Frame Alterations

A pair of spectacles are the windows to your vision and our passion is “your vision is our mission”. We take pride in what we do and with confidence, we boast a comprehensive optometric lab to equip us in achieving the perfect fit.
We are also able to provide minor frame adjustments, lens fittings and frame alterations.

Drivers Certificates

We provide you with a FREE screening, not a full comprehensive eye exam and completed official certificate to assist you when applying for a new or renewal of your driver’s licence.

Paediatric Eye Exams

The most adorable eye test and yet also the most important eye test in todays time. We have a passion for Paediatric eye care, which includes objective and subjective vision assessments, vision therapy and myopia control.

We have frame options to suit a variety of cases and preferences. The sense of sight is fundamental in the development of children, and we strive to provide our Paediatric patients with best corrected vision to aid their development.

Also, we work alongside occupational therapists, teachers and educational psychologists to provide a team approach to each specific case when needed.

Contact Lens Assessments

We do step by step contact lens instructions to our first time wearers and we also assist with the fitting and taking out of the contact lenses. We also stock normal spherical contact lenses and can order special if your script is not available in stock.

Sunglass Sales

We do stock a variety of sunglasses, from generic to branded to provide something for everyone. Also we do prescription sunglasses as well.

Dispensing & Frame Selection

To choose a frame is fun but also a hard choice. There is nothing quite like a well-fitted frame that suits your face. We specialise in dispensing, where time is taken to choose the most suitable frame. We provide a wide variety of frames to select from.
It vary in colour, size, brand and price. You can be guaranteed to be fitted with the best option and value for your money.

Repairs & Adjustments

We are always ready to assist in n crisis. We do change nose pads and replace screws, but note that when an accident occur and a frame is bent, please note that all our repairs are done at own risk.

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